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The 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival
Invitation Films 4
Reach fot the SKY
CHOI Wooyoung, Steven Dhoedt
2015 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 90min
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The star lecturer among college prep institutes, Kim Ki-hoon; a high school student Hye-in whose score gets lower and lower after she entered high school; and a repeat examinee Hyun-ha wanting to enter a teacher’s college. This film will takes place in a time span of 100 days, starting with the final months of preparation before the college exam. Will they be able to enter the SKY universities; Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Korea University?

'Reach for the SKY' is about the struggle of senior students trying to get into the top three universities of South-Korea; Seoul National University, Korea Univer- sity, and Yonsei University. Most Koreans long to enter the top 1% of society through these SKY universities because we believe that having a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities is a shortcut to success. Some specialists in education tell students, "You can change your nationality, but you can never change your educational background. So, this national exam will decide your social status in Korean Society." While the Suneung exam is supposed to give all students an equal opportunity to success, only 1% of examiners can reach the SKY. The remaining 99% will have to settle for an inferior university, resulting in a sense of utter defeat at a very young age.

Director Choi wooyoung, Steven Dhoedt
Producer Ha sinae, Gert Van Berckelaer
Cinematography Choi wooyoung, Steven Dhoedt
Editor Gert Van Berckelaer
Music Regina Lok Yan To
Cast Hwang hyunha, Kim minjun, Jung Hyein, Kim kihoon


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