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The 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Korean Invitation for Short Films
The End
Hyun-jhin Baik
2009|Fiction|Color|HD|33min 6sec
상영일 상영시간 상영극장 부가정보
12월 11일 8:20 IndieSpace(3)
12월 14일 1:00 Spongehouse(5)

This movie is composed of 4 episodes. Each episode has all far different stories from each other, but the last cut of every story takes the same ending form. The movie shows the close-up shot of actor's facial impressions for more than 1 minute, it ends with the text, "THE END" exposing.

I hoped to investigate and record the dreadful, peaceful, and melancholic feelings with the further concrete manners as I repetitively experienced the virtual scene where the text, 'THE END', was overlapped with the very clear and bright fall sky for a moment.

Director : Hyun-jhin Baik
Producer : Su-jin Chae
Screen writer : Hyun-jhin Baik
Cinematographer : Woo-hyung Kim
Editor : Su-ah Sung
Lighting : Seung-chul Hong
Art Director : Jhun Kim
Composer : Young-gyu Jang
Mixing : Studio K
Recording : Soon-sung Lee(Speed Sound)
Cast : Hae-il Park, Seung-bum Ryoo, So-ri Moon