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“독립본색 True Color of Independence”

What do you expect from True Color?
Do you think in disarray of a philosophical concept as well as characters from genre films?
When we look back, we are using this term True Color in our everyday life quite a few times.

You conceal your true color.
You reveal your true color.
You lose your true color.
You find your true color.

True color means a real color or appearance outside, whereas it is an attribute or identity inside.

Independent films have been shining particularly in the Korean film scene.
Independent films support freedom of speech against censorship,
did not avoid speaking of socially critical issues as minority,
and became a counter-actor to industrialized films.

Independent films went through 40 years; they passed a path and a square,
went through a bending and tough valley and disciplined their own spirit.
This is why we still look for the spirit of
‘Independence out of capital and power’ in independent films.

Seoul Independent Film Festival succeeded to the Korean Youth Film Festival in 1975 and
has widened social cultural space for independent films.
Marking the 40th anniversary this year,
SIFF would like to look back the field of independent films.

What is the true color of independent films?
What do we contain in our heart now?

We wish the essence that independent films face with the world could be a hope and
thrill for future instead of memories of past.
We go find the vision of independent films.

Now, we are raising a curtain of True Color of Independence, the 40th festival.