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The 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival

When : (Thu) Dec. 1th -  (Fri) Dec. 9th

Presented by : The Association of Korean Independent Film&Video

Organized by : Seoul Independent Film Festival 2016 Executive Comittee

Presented by the Association of Korean Independent Film&Video, Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF) is undoubtedly one of the representative events for independent films in Korea. Starting from the 1975 Korean Youth Film Festival, its journey from Golden Crown Short Film Festival to Korean Independent Short Film Festival to present day leaves a memorable footprint in the history of Korean independent cinema.

Held in every December, SIFF is a competition film festival and covers all sorts of film genres and forms of the year. It also provides an opportunity for independent filmmakers to join and develop solidarity an mutual understanding.


Competition for domestic independent films

SIFF runs a competition for domestic independent films regardless of their genres, forms and duration. It awards prominent films for encouragement..

Festival for exchange and mutual understanding

SIFF provides a cultural space for contemporary independent film people to join and look for common visions and spirits of independent films. It encourages independent films to provide alternatives to conventional cinema..

Year round festival

In order to overcome the temporariness of film festival, SIFF seeks to keep in touch with the audience throughout he year by round trip screenings around the country, DVD production and distribution, and online screenings.

Promoting International exchange

SIFF introduces noticeable foreign Independent films every year. It also holds international seminars and events to inspire and stimulate domestic independent cinema.

Audience participation

SIFF aims to be an open festival with the participation of various audiences. It welcomes volunteers and audience juries, and hosts 'Audience Night'