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The 29th Seoul Independent Film Festival
단편경쟁부문  장편경쟁부문  초청 부문
The 29th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Short length 5회차
Living in New Town
HONG Doo hyun
2003/Drama/35mm/C/14min 30sec

It's the street of new planned city that is surrounded by rows of apartment buildings everywhere. Ji-Soo is a woman in her early 20s who's on her way home late night. Even though it's rare to find any traffic at this time of the night, it's especially lacking in any form of transportation passing by. As she is about to arrive at the crossing by the hill, she hears a screeching sound of a car stopping suddenly followed by a thumping sound, indicating an obvious traffic accident. When panicking Ji-Soo arrives at the scene of accident, the car is already gone and there lies a kid and a woman about the same age as she is, both covered in blood.

The problems arising out of the norm of a nuclear family in the industrialized modern life are mostly originated from either breaking off of communication or complete absence of it. Therefore,  happy family  is maintained by the selfishness in keeping the family together under any circumstances, inevitably forcing others to sacrifice in the process. My film covers the possibility of the tragic sequences that may result from the lack of communication between the lives within the family structure and outside of it.

연출/각본 홍두현 HONG Doo-hyun
프로듀서 신혜연 SHIN Hye-yeon
촬영 최영민 CHOI Young-min
편집 김선민 KIM Sun-min
사운드 김수덕 KIM Soo-duk
출연 김태희 KIM Tae-hee, 한기중 HAN Ki-joong

제2회 광주국제영화제 초청상영 (2003)
2003 부산아시아단편영화제 경쟁부문