Festival The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Competition
Title Origami Tutorial
Director CHOI Heehyun
Information 2019 | Experimental | Color+B/W | MOV | 5min 51sec (KE,E)
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Date Time Theater Info
11.30 13:20 INDIESPACE(1)
12.02 20:00 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART2)
12.03 12:00 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART3)
While repeatedly folding a piece of paper, you will be introduced to somewhere you've never expected. What is an image? What is a reality? What is a film?
This video is an attempt to explore the following questions.
1. Is an image virtual or physical? What parts are virtual, and what parts are physical?
2. When an image is created, what is revealed, and what is concealed?
3. What does the frame of an image imply?
4. Why is the process of creating an image always hidden behind the frame?
5. How active and revealing can a camera be?
6. What does sound add to an image?
7. How does sound transform from an indication to a rhythm?
Festival & Awards
2019 제5회 샌디에고 언더그라운드 영화제
Director CHOI Heehyun
Cinematographer Justin Jinsoo KIM


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