Special Screening

Festival The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Special Screening
Title We'll Be One
Director KIM Dongwon
Information 1995 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 43min (E)
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Date Time Theater Info
12.01 16:00 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART1)
12.04 12:30 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART3)
The Father Moon Ik-hwan had been imprisoned for inaugurating the National Security Law after visiting North Korea. However Korean people’s desire for reunification heated up the whole country and Moon Gyu-hyeon and Lim Su-Gyeong visited North Korea. That means Father Moon’s visit to North Korea triggered Korean people’s desire for reunification. This film represents the Father Moon’s point of view on and people’s movement on reunification through influence of his visit in North Korea in 1989.
Festival & Awards
Director KIM Dongwon
Producer P.U.R.N Production

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