Special Screening

Festival The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Special Screening
Director BOO Jiyoung
Information 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 39min World Premiere
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Date Time Theater Info
12.02 17:00 CGV Apgujeong (CINEMA 1)
12.02 17:00 CGV Apgujeong (CINEMA 2)
12.05 12:00 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART2)
12.06 13:30 Seoul Art Cinema(1)
Jeong-eun is embarrassed that her mother, who is suffering from dementia, wants to meet and call her sister who was separated by the Korean War. On the other hand, Jeong-eun accidentally receives a wrong call from a North Korean woman and is asked a favor.
Even if it happens by chance, I wanted to talk to the people living in the nearest but furthest country.
Everything starts with a conversation. Asking their regards, listening to them and feeling a move.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere
Director BOO Jiyoung
Producer JE Jeongju
Screenwriter BOO Jiyoung
Cinematographer LEE Uhyeon
Editor KIM Sujin
Lighting KIM Pyeonggi
Art Director KIM Mijeong
Cast LEE Jeongeun, LEE Yongyi, KIM Daegun