Special Screening

Festival The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Special Screening
Title Love letter
Director SEO Eun Aa
Information 2016 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 23min 59sec
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Date Time Theater Info
12.02 12:30 CGV Apgujeong (CINEMA 1)
12.02 12:30 CGV Apgujeong (CINEMA 2)
12.06 11:30 Seoul Art Cinema(1)
Separated from her husband Wonseok who is fighting on the front lines of the Korean War, an eighteen-year old Okja is an illiterate young wife trying her very best to raise their 5 month old baby all alone. In the midst of tumultuous times, she goes back in time to write heartfelt love letters to her beloved husband in battlefields, one longing line at a time...
We all long for someone.
It takes more than a word to say what's in your heart.
Festival & Awards
2016 제15회 미쟝센단편영화제
2016 제3회 포항맑은단편영화제 관객상
2016 마드리드국제영화제
2016 에드먼튼 국제 영화제
2016 제9회 서울노인영화제
2016 제3회 북한인권영화제 통통영상대상
2016 차트라바티 시바지 국제 영화제
2017 싱가포르 독립 영화제
Director SEO Eun An
Producer KIM Sung Eun
Screenwriter SEO Eun Ah
Cinematographer KIM Hyeong Seok
Editor KIM Ji Hyeon
Lighting KIM Ho Seong
Music KIM Jin Ha
Art Director KIM Choi Hye
Cast YE Sujeong, KIM Hee chan