Special Screening

Festival The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Special Screening
Title The Border City 2
Director HONG Hyungsook
Information 2009 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 104min
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Date Time Theater Info
12.03 19:40 CGV ARTHOUSE Apgujeong(ART2)
12.06 13:00 INDIESPACE(1)
In 2003 Prof. SONG Du-Yul decided to go back to his homeland after spending 37 years in Germany in spite arrest warrant had been issued. But within a week he fell from a respected democracy's advocate to the biggest spy ever. This threw Korean society into turmoil of red paranoia. Nobody, even his friends, was free from the dreadful reality. 6 years have passed. Now he IS no longer a spy, but he WAS in 2003. What on earth were his crimes then? And what difference is laid in Korean society between now and then?
Dynamic Korea! Korean society is still breathless. 6 years have passed and the event has been completely forgotten. If it was just a bygone, we don't have to be reminded. I, however, ask; how far has Korea moved on? Prof. Song's event was much challenging to me as a documentary maker. What is surrounding us and how does it work on me? It's painstaking indeed to look into myself. I hope this documentary be a mirror inside to look into ourselves.
Festival & Awards
2009 제1회 DMZ 다큐멘터리영화제 관객상
2009 제35회 서울독립영화제 독불장군상, 최우수상
2010 제34회 홍콩국제영화제
2010 제11회 부산영화평론가협회상 심사위원 특별상
2010 독립영화협회선정 올해의 독립영화상
2011 제8회 EBS국제다큐멘터리영화제
Director HONG Hyungsook
Producer KANG Seokpil, KIM Myungwha
Cinematographer RYU Jaehoon, RIM Jaesoo, KANG Seokpil, HONG Jonggyung, GONG Miyeon
Editor KANG Seokpil
Music YOON Sunghye

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