Special Screening

  • Love letter
    SEO Eun Aa | 2016 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 23min 59sec
    Separated from her husband Wonseok who is fighting on the front lines of the Korean War, an eighteen-year old Okja is an illiterate young wife trying her very best to raise their 5 month old baby all alone. In the midst of tumultuous times, she goes back in time to write heartfelt love letters to her beloved husband in battlefields, one longing line at a time...
  • Invisible children
    Aori | 2018 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 30min 54sec
    Eunkyeong who escaped from North Korea through Laos when she was 13, Seungjin who almost got shot at the border of China when he was 19, Seunghee who was born in China but followed her mom to Korea when she was 11, they are all living in Korea
  • Mr. Driver
    KIM Seoyoon | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 23min 40sec (E)
    Sungmin delivers grocery to the Gaeseong Industrial Complex in North Korea. One day, Sungmin carries a song of South Korea that Sukhee wants to listen to on a MP3 player, and heads for North Korea.