• Veranda
    SOHN Ji-soo | 2018 | Fiction| Color | DCP | 14min 24sec (E)
    Just as usual, mom is left home alone after her son and her husband headed to school and work.Same day, same houseworks…but something unusual happens. The balcony’s door is locked outside so she has to spend all day in the balcony waiting for her son or her husband to come back.
    CHOI Min-ho | 2018 | Animation | Color | MOV | 17min (E)
    The family is having a difficult time accepting the fact that their dog is aging and weakening. As their home is selected as a redevelopment area, the family moves, but the old dog barks as if it is reluctant to leave its old house. In the end, they all move to the house of the eldest son. Not long after, however, the dog separates itself from the family and goes back to the old house to live as a..
  • Skin and Mind
    PARK Jee-youn | 2018 | Animation | Color | DCP | 11min 57sec (E)
    A married couple, Yoon-hee (wife) and Seong-gye (husband)get into the state of ennui in married life. Seong-gye turns into a chicken, becausehe is not willing to tell his wife that he loves her. Yoon-hee’s violent fathergets old and turns into a deer with great horns. Everyone is changing. Sherealizes that she has changed as well.
  • Last Summer
    JUNG Minhee | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 22min 26sec
    Yeongseok’s grandmother drags an old stroller. On the way home after school, he feels embarrassed as he sees his grandmother when his friends are around. Yeongseok, after all, breaks his grandmother’s stroller. Summer coms every year, but summer with his grandmother never comes back.
  • Down
    LEE Woosoo | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 29min 43sec (E)
    Kyungjin and Taewon got married late in life. Soon after the feeling of joy, they got unexpected news. An amniotic fluid test shows that the baby in the womb has Down syndrome. Her baby bump is getting full, they cannot give birth and cannot even get rid of the baby.
  • The Shuttlerun
    LEE Eunkyoung, LEE Heeseon | 2017 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 9min 43sec (E)
    On the day of physical fitness test. 12 years old Beurl's heart began to pound, don't no whether it's because of running or ms. Hong, the gym teacher.
  • Summer Aroma
    KIM Jun-hee | 2017| Fiction | Color | DCP| 16min 38sec (E)
    Honam leaves home for a job interview early in the morning. Young-nan and her mother, Mijin, are going to eat lunch outside. And they happen to meet at an unmanned cafe.
  • Dancing Frog
    KIM Jin-man | 2018 | Animation | Color | MOV | 10min 20sec (N)
    Everything is connected.
  • Container
    KIM Sein | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 26min (E)
    Due to a flood, Gyeongju and Eunae have to live in a container. Gyeongju wants to befriend Eunae, but Eunae doesn’t open her heart easily. Eunae cannot get adjusted to the life in the container and obstinately walks towards the flooded neighborhood. Gyeongju follows her.
  • minsang
    LEE Sunghyun | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 34min 50sec (E)
    After few days of his father’s funeral, actor Min-sang leaves for Jeju where he has memories with his father. Min-sang should stop chasing his dream of acting, and start a new life in his hometown for his family. While traveling with nostalgia, Min-sang meets Ji-hong at a guest house. Unlike the complex mind of Min-sang, Ji Hong is somehow happy and clear. The odd companion of the two begins. Aft..

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