Special Invitation

  • Night fishing
    AHN Heungsung | 2018 | Fiction | Color+B&W | DCP | 12min 17sec (E)
    Father and daughter went fishing at night. The daughter is cold, hungry, and whines to see her mom. But the father is afraid that if his daughter will be able to drink the blood of the fish.
    PARK Koonje | 2018 | Documentary, Experimental | Color | MOV | 18min 37sec (E)
    There is the sound of a city. There is the voice of an individual. There is a smaller sound. It exists at a lower place, so no one has cared. However, it cumulates in layers for a long time, and it resonates at a moment. It is the moment that the sound becomes shouting.
  • Audition
    HWANG Ji Hyeon | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 23min 25sec
    An actress Ji-hyeon submits her resumes for auditions. Video Jockey Su-ji follows Ji-hyeon to interview her. A day does not go smoothly with them. Ji-hyeon keeps bothered by Su-ji, and Su-ji just wants to finish her work as soon as possible. As she interviews Ji-hyeon, however, Su-ji gradually learns about her and understands her.
  • Capsule coffee
    CHUNG Haeil | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 34min 44sec (E)
    Min-joo, a contract worker in the personnel 3 team, has worked for over 2 years which can be a big issue in terms of employment law. The hot potato is tossed to Ms. Lee. Ms. Lee has to make a decision about Min-joo
  • Soon-a's Amazing Day
    BAEK Seung-hwa | 2018 | Fiction | Color | MOV | 8min 56sec
    Soon-a, who does not have a job, has been cleaning the house all day. One day, Soon-a thinks. Can't we just keep it going?
  • PungJeong.Gak (風精.刻) A Town with a Blue Hill
    SONG Joo Won | 2018 | Documentary, Experimental | Color | MOV | 15min 28sec (N)
    Hongseok from Taejinsa textile factory and Youngsun from Sunhong supermarket spend their day roaming about in the neighborhood. From Taejinsa, past the barber shop and textile factory to the 600-year-old maidenhair tree, they hop over empty houses on the hill that have been inhabited at one point. All the places in this neighborhood are their playground and life's temporal-space at the same time, ..
  • The Minimum of Decency
    YI Angella | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 17min 15sec (E)
    Army private Sang-yeop faces an unexpected Mysterious man at the home of his girlfriend "Mina". There is a subtle tension between three people, and the conflict between Sang-yeop and Mina is getting deeper and deeper.
  • The bird fights its way out of the egg
    PARK Jiwon | 2017 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 33min 22sec (E)
    A remote island in the area of North Korea,Seocho-do Island has an old story about ‘Outside World.’ This island belongs toDPRK and is blocked by DPRK marines. But one day, a blockade-runner is caught.He confesses that he wants to go into the Outside World.
  • SFdrome
    KIM Soyoung | 2018 | Documentary | Color | MOV | 25min 55sec (E)
    Socialist feminist JU Sejuk(1901-53) was subject to exile by Stalin. She found herself in Central Asia in a vicinity of Cosmodrome. This brings forth to SFdrome facing future and past in a “strange” place of Sci-Fi dwelt by JU Sejuk.
  • Unfinished Voyage
    HYUN Woomin | 2017 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 26min 49sec (K)
    K, a Korean woman, is on a ferry from Busan, Korea to Osaka, Japan, and then moves on to Kifu and Atami, Japan. The purpose of a trip is to follow the footprints of Kyungwon Park, a female pilot who lived in Japan in 1930s. A road movie of K and a documentary by crews who film her trip are cross edited, and it searches a figure of people who migrated.

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