• From Morning To Evening
    LEE Ik-tae | 1970 | Experimental | B&W | DCP | 20min
    A young man woke up with alarming and found a girl lying beside him. Got dressed, he went to the park and looked for another woman to date with. And then he made a love with the third woman he'd met near Seoul Train Station. Returning the room where he woke up at the beginning of the film, he passes the first woman something from other woman.
  • South River
    JANG Gil-su | 1980 | Fiction | B&W | DCP | 10min
    Southern part of Han River in the 1980s were undergoing many constructions. Construction workers were sweating, working hard with machines. The camera casts a glance on the sign of a church, 'New Seoul Church.' Everyone is working hard for new Seoul. But, here, we see a shabby shanty bar contrary to high apartment buildings. A woman dashes out from the bar, and a man chases her holding a knife. A ..
  • Promenade in the Rain
    YIM Soon-rye | 1994 | Fiction | Color | DCP| 13min
    An ordinary normal looking spinster, Jeong-ja is a ticket seller of a theater in a suburb. On a sizzling summer day, she is waiting for a blind date all day long. The man is supposed to come to see her at the theater because she cannot leave the theater.
  • The Night Before Strike
    CHANG Dong-hong, LEE Jae-gu, CHANG Yoon-hyun, LEE Eun-ki | 1990 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 107min
    Hansoo, one of the 200 factory laborers working at Dongsung Metal Company, has a humble dream. He dreams of supporting his brother’s college tuition, marrying his girlfriend Mija who works at a sewing factory and forming a happy family. Meanwhile, Executive Director Kim meticulously prepares for breaking up the labor union in the factory, and a manager brings Hansoo to the company’s side. This f..
  • Habitual Sadness 2
    BYUN Young-joo | 1996 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 71min
    By examining the everyday life of former 'comfort women', we realize that the elderly victims are indeed the most dignified and confident women, and we come to cherish the will to turn habitual sadness into hope for life
  • My Own Breathing
    변영주 BYUN Young-joo | 1999 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 77min
    My Own Breathing is the final documentary of the trilogy, The Murmuring about comfort women during the World War II directed by BYUN Young-joo. This is the completion of her seven years work. BYUN's first and second documentaries spoke of grandmothers' everyday life through the origin of their torment, while My Own Breathing goes back to their past from their everyday life. Deleting any device of ..
  • Repatriation
    KIM Dongwon | 2003 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 148min
    In the spring of 1992, I - the film director - met two long-term political prisoners who were charged of political spy from North Korea. They didn't give up their faith to communism for 30 years in jail.