Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF)

  • DATE2018-08-28 00:04:48



Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF)


Co-presented by the association of Korean Independent Film&Video and Korean Film Council,

Seoul Independent Film Festival(SIFF) is undoubtedly one of the representative events for independent film in Korea.

Held at the end of every year, SIFF is a competition film festival and covers all sorts of film genres and forms of the year.

It also provides an opportunity for independent filmmakers to join and develop solidarity and mutual understanding




Period : 29 Nov. - 7 Dec. 2018 (9 Days)

Venue : Seoul, Korea, CGV Apgujeong(3 Theater), Indpendent Film House 'INDIESPACE' , Cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema

Screening : Approximately 100 films

Co-presented : The association of Korean Independent Film&Video, Korean Film Council